Is it worth it?

We like to think so. We understand that the cost of a Sentian 3i is not insignificant. We believe that we are offering a great system at a very competitive price. There is no other product near our price point that integrates alarm and camera and home automation into one, simple system, or offers video alarm verification. Our challenge to you is not to take our word for it. Please, do your own research.

Can I use Sentian for my business?

Absolutely. As long as you have an alarm system and an internet connection you can add as many properties as you need to. For your convenience, all of your properties can be controlled through a single application. This allows you to check in on your business(es), home, holiday home, parents home, etc.

How else can I use Sentian?

You can use Sentian to check in on the elderly, your business(es), your pets, your holiday home. Pretty much any property can benefit from being covered by a Sentian system. You can use Sentian to help reduce your energy bills by remotely turning off Sentian controlled devices when you are not home. You can make it look like you are home by turning on and off lights or the TV while you are away. The options are endless

Where is Sentian available?

Right now, Sentian is available in Cape Town and Johannesburg, but watch this space! If you are interested in becoming a preferred Sentian installer partner, get in touch.

What can I control with Sentian home automation?

This is an ever expanding list, but right now, anything that has a wall plug can be turned on or off. In addition, lights can be automated, garage doors and gates open and closed (if already automated). The geyser or pool pump deactivated and/or flooding detected.

Do I need to rewire my house to benefit from Sentian home automation?

No. The Sentian home automation system is completely flexible (so you can pick and choose what you would like to automate) and uses a new wireless technology, so no need to rewire your house. The mesh network created means that each automation device added to the network makes it stronger.

Can I see Sentian simply to check into my home?

Absolutely. This is one of the biggest benefits to the Sentian system. Use live video feed to check in your kids, pets or the elderly, from the office, or even the beach.

Can I use my existing camera system?

If you currently have an Onvif compliant IP camera system in place that has a compatible RTSP stream, then yes. Sentian also integrates into HikVision Turbo DVR systems

What if I have a wireless intruder alarm system?

Sentian can still integrate into your wireless alarm system as long as it is a DSC or Paradox system.

Typically, how long does it take to install a Sentian system?

After the design consultation process is complete and your quote signed off, it generally takes two to three days to install the system depending on the property and system scale.

Who can see the video from my cameras?

Only the primary account holder, and any individuals the primary account holder has specifically given access to, can view the cameras. Not even Sentian can access your cameras as they are password protected by a user defined encrypted password.

Which is better, IP (Internet Protocol) cameras or analogue cameras?

There is no longer a simple answer to this question. Up until a few years ago IP cameras, although more expensive, provided significantly higher video quality than analogue cameras. Since analogue HD camera systems were introduced a few years ago, though, entry level high definition video resolution is available at a slight margin to traditional analogue systems, making them much more affordable. Sentian integrates with both IP and Analogue HD camera systems. Which option you choose will be driven by the security problem you are trying to solve, for your network flexibility requirements and your budget.

What compatible devices can I control Sentian on?

Use our Sentian app for iPhone or Android smartphones and tablets, or our mobile web site for other devices. Our web app is also accessible on any desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection.

What happens if I lose my phone?

Your Sentian application can be password protected to ensure that even a lost phone will not put your property or privacy at risk. As an extra layer of security Sentian would advise users to change their password if ever they feel at risk. This can be done by downloading the app or logging in to your account through the Sentian web site.

How do I control my notifications from Sentian?

All alarm verification notifications are automatically sent to all users registered against a particular estate. This is controlled by the primary account holder, who is the only person with rights to add users. All in app notifications are controlled by each individual user as per their 'in app' settings.

Can users have different roles and privileges?

Currently there are two types of users – Master account and User account holders. Full access is provided to both. However, only Master account holders can add User accounts. User accounts are defined by the Master account as Temporary or Permanent. A Temporary user will only have access to the property within the time frame defined by the Master account holder, e.g. a house sitter

What happens if the internet goes down?

The Sentian system uploads alarm verification video clips to the cloud and notifies you immediately in case an intruder was to gain access and turn off your internet. Sentian is designed to fail safe so that if it is turned off, your alarm system will still work as if Sentian were never installed. If your internet does go down, though, you will not be able to use the Sentian app. This is because Sentian has employed transport layer security (similar to online banking) which relies on the internet connection to verify a secure connection

What happens if the power goes out?

You can chose to install a battery backup to ensure your system still operates when you lose power (and this helps protect your system from lighting strikes). If you do not and the power is lost, your Sentian system will be disabled, however, your alarm system will operate as per normal (if you have existing battery back-up).


Connect. Detect. Protect.
We're a proud product of Cape Town ðŸ‡¿ðŸ‡¦ 
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Connect. Detect. Protect.
A proud product of Cape Town ðŸ‡¿ðŸ‡¦
Legal docs

Connect. Detect. Protect.
A proud product of Cape Town ðŸ‡¿ðŸ‡¦
Legal docs

Connect. Detect. Protect.
A proud product of Cape Town ðŸ‡¿ðŸ‡¦
Legal docs

Connect. Detect. Protect.
A proud product of Cape Town ðŸ‡¿ðŸ‡¦
Legal docs